Thursday, February 04, 2016

Should women be allowed in religious places?


Having settled the matter there, let us move forward with some rant since this is a blog...

There are a lot of religious places that are banning women from entering. This includes temples, mosques and not sure if also a few churches. In retaliation, women and feminists are going all crazy calling it their fundamental right, challenging the diktat in court etc. I have a different view point on this and may sound crazy to a few, but since you are reading till now, go on further...

  1. Practicing your religion is your fundamental right, not going to a specific building. So just chuck it and practice your religion somewhere else. Just like if you want to gulp a few drinks but are not allowed in a specific bar because of dress code, you don't go to the judiciary or stage a protest!!?? You just go to the theka, get some daaru home and get high. 
  2. Why do you desperately want to go to a place that does not want you? Would you visit a jewellery shop or saari shop if they ill treated you, even if they had the best stuff in town? (afterthought: I guess women would go to a saari shop even after being ill treated...wrong example...but you get the point. Right?)
  3. I would suggest ban those religions places back. Like remove them from your 'must visit' places. Don't go there even if you are not menstruating or not pregnant or not wearing a lungi or
  4. We need to start parallel belief system. E.g. movies, theatre, parks, libraries, museums, zoos don't stop you from entering and are so much fun. Go there! worship those places! If I ever have the money, I will start a temple with an un-delcared god inside that allows just about every living being to enter the sanctum sanctorum.