Thursday, November 14, 2013

Gacchibowli Royal Enfield Service Station

Very unlike me, I am going to write a review about this Royal Enfield Service Station in Gacchibowli, Hyderabad without availing any service from them.
I was really happy when Royal Enfield came up with a service station nearer to where I stay. But this happiness was short lived. I have been trying to get my Bullet Standard 350 serviced from these folks for past 1 month. First of all, it is located in a weird place. About 200 metres from the main road, you have to ride a unmade road through dust, slush and garbage. Then the staff seems to be more than unwilling to accept your vehicle for service. The first time I went there, they told me that they have enough vehicles to keep they busy for next 4 days. And I was asked to come back after 4 days. This was about a month ago. When I visited them after 4 days, the service station was closed!
Then I called them last Friday to check if I could have the vehicle serviced now. I still get the same reply. I am advised to come on the following Wednesday. So, I go there on Wednesday to be told the same thing in person! Now, I am asked to come on Friday, keep my precious Bullet there for a good 4 to 5 days and take it back. And it doesn't even have a breakdown as such. It's just a routine service with oil change, lubricating the brakes, and some minor wrench work.
If you still believe in destiny, go visit this place!