Thursday, February 24, 2011

Why the F$%^

There is actually no reason to manipulate the title of the post. The post is actually about why we bought the Ford Figo.
Let me begin by confessing that I am more of a biker than a car guy. So when it came to choosing a car, we started by seriously considering a Hyundai Santro and moved all the way till TATA Indigo over a period of 2 months. The economics turned in favour of a diesel mill and it was decided to shortlist a few. The ones that were thrown off the list were:
1. Swift - Overpriced in my opinion. No air bags & ABS off showroom. Long wait (3 months)
2. Indigo - Tdi Engine is old now. No safety features. Poor quality of interiors.
3. Ritz - Unattractive shape.
It finally boiled down to the Indica Vista Quadrajet Aura+ with ABS. The engine felt peppy and we decided to overlook the quality of plastics for lack of any more choice in this price band. Just then a cousin recommended we consider Figo and strongly insisted we test drive it before booking any car.
A test drive confirmed that better half (mine, not the cars) was more comfortable driving the Figo. But it was a very tough decision to make. Head on feature comparison of both cars made things far more difficult and I literally had sleepless nights.
I decided to test drive both vehicles back to back. The interior quality and driveability of Figo were so good that I made up my mind. Ford has been acting pricey though since the launch of this model and I had to literally to fight for a good service. Yes, but that answers more or less why we bought the Figo!