Friday, April 30, 2010

The 2 Business Ideas

I had twitted about 2 business ideas and had promised the details would be on the blog. So here goes...

JustGoa - See a different Goa every time
I have been consulted at least about 15-20 times by different people for their leisure trips to Goa. This idea is a fallout of the experiences.

This is a Goa specific travel company. I know there are hordes of Goan tour operators. But this one is with a different marketing strategy. This sort of concentrates on repeat business. The tours are thematic. Some of the themes would be -
  • Chillax
  • Religious
  • Eco
  • Celebrations (Weddings, Anniversaries, Receptions)
  • Corporate (Conferences, team building exercises, product launches)
The main thrust should be on maintaining the visit history of the tourists and ensuring they do not get bored with repeat visits. Aligning Marketing with capacity for special programs in monsoon, around long weekends etc. will definitely bring in a new angle to this business.
I am not sure if there is anything like this already on the Internet. This can either be an independent real-estate renting portal or can be a feature on any of the existing ones. The idea is to register every property, its owner and tenants on a single portal. Suppose I am an owner and own 3 apartments in Mumbai (I said suppose!!!). Now when I want to rent out any of my properties, I register myself and the property on this portal. There are also many tenants registered who are looking for a fitting property to hire. Till here it is just like any other renting portal. The difference is rating. Every tenant who takes a property gets to rate it and the owner of the property. The owner also gets to rate the tenant. The portal thus has the history of the apartment occupancy. Either of the party can know the disputes the other party has had and can choose which house to rent, which tenant to rent it to and and whether the owner is 'troublefree' or not.
I am not sure how to make money out of this idea though.

Tell me what you think people!!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Expressions to Communication 2 Infrmtn

The emergence of language (spoken and not programing) has revolutionised the development of human race. All through history and ancient scriptures, I see an expression of most complex human feelings through language. Different forms like fables, poetry, shlokas etc. were used to build 'life problems' and solutions to those problems. The Mahabharata, The Ramayana, The Bhagwad Geeta, The Vedas, The Upanishads are just a few of the known literary jewels . Not just in Hindu religion but the Quaraan and the Bible are also huge achievements in terms of development of language.
Though diluted to a great extent, I see the trend continue until about 100 years ago or maybe even 50. In Marathi & Hindi, one can find substantial literary work in the last but one generation. I cannot say that about our generation though.
writing a letter was always an expressive act for our grandparents. Words has to carry both, meaning and feelings. But the telephone and Internet made us more blunt. Language, in our parent's generation, moved from being a medium of expression to that of communication. Letters were still written but occasional telephone conversations ensured that letters could be limited to communicate only and the expression bit could be left to telephonic chats. Our generation now has stopped writing. e are a 'mobile' generation. The maximum written communication we prefer is 139 characters. Technology, which could have boosted our literary skills has become a limiting force.
We have become exceptionally good at technology & science. We are answering questions (at least trying to) that have puzzled mankind for long. But, we have moved away from ourselves and our lives.

Thursday, April 08, 2010

No Title

Its not the first time this is happening, neither will it be last. An urge to cry, break into tears, yell, explode. At the same time control the tears for your office desk is not the place.
the feeling is like - buying a land on the riverside hoping to make heaven out of it. Toil to sow and cultivate fruits, flowers and big trees, animals - cows, dogs and birds - my idea of heaven. And then it never rains. Your land is barren now - a vast emptiness lies before you as you kneel and weep your heart out. Someone bought his SUV, someone built his 5 star luxury housing complex and your are paying the price because you need the rain for the little heaven of your dreams. The SUV wallah & the guy in the luxurious apartment are digging bore-wells for their dreams.
No longer is someone singing for happiness or writing poems or gardening. All of this and more is done for money - to buy SUVs & 5 star luxury apartments. Are we earning to live or living to earn?
I didn't let the feeling pass today. I wrote at the speed I thought & felt. I wept through words. I am glad I did. Probably I am one step closer to my heaven.