Sunday, November 22, 2009

An evening well spent...

Last evening me and Shveta visited the city. It was the first time we were in an explorer mood since we shifted base to Hyderabad. Unlike Pune, which was our last bastion, Hyderabad has fewer places worth visiting at an hour's drive. By 'places' I mean places like Mulshi, Lonavla, Sinhgad and places like that where you can find spot just to sit and relax in the company of nature. So we decided just to head straight to some place in the city and just have an evening exporing the place.
We decided to take the train to Begumpet and explore that part of Hyderabad. Although Begumpet is mostly to do with shopping for pearls, huge apparel malls, Westside, Landmark and other big stores. After disembarking the MMTS train at Begumpet, we walked past the newly built flyover, the ITC kakatiya and reached Landmark. It is really difficult to walk past a bookstore if you really dig books or movies. So we entered Landmark and spent a good hour and half there, looking for books and DVDs. Came out with 2 books, a Telugu learning guide and the Times food guide to Hyderabad/Secunderabad. We also bought an audio CD, Sacred Chants volume 3 by Kosmic music. There were so many other books and music we wanted to buy, but we were running out of time and we wanted to make it till Hyderabad Central, have our dinner and catch the last train home.
By the time we got out of Landmark, it was already 8 at night. As we walked towards Hyderabad central, we entered Home Store - Future group's furniture and furnishing store. After ogling at all the expensive furniture that we could buy if we had all the money in the world and a place of our own, we moved to e-zone, the electronic appliance section within this store. There was an offer going on, where they were selling a DVD player for Rs. 1999 only. My 5.1 channel speaker system was lying idle at home, there were movies getting downloaded on the internet, there was good music to be heard, what more reason did I need to buy a DVD player! So we grabbed one and by 8.45 PM made our way into Hyderabad Central.
We had decided not to spend any time shopping here but only have our dinner and dash for the railway station. We went to the Noodle Bar restaurant on the ground floor. It is a nice place with good ambience. Both of us having sore throats, were weary of air conditioned chill. We requested for a table that wasn't directly under the duct. The waiter guided us to one such cozy corner in the restaurant. They were serving a 4 course emperor meals that consisted of an appetizer or a soup, a main dish, rice or noodles and dessert. We liked the idea of placing an order on a paper that has tick boxes in front of every menu item. We were given these papers and pencils and left alone to make a decision. we only had to tick what option we wanted for the 4 courses and hand over the paper to the waiter. We ordered some vegeterian manchow soup and a potion of vegetable spring rolls to begin with. Both these dishes were served hot and pretty quickly. Although we shared a single serving of soup, it was just the quantiy for both of us and boy was it tasty! The spring rolls were one of the best have had in a long time (if i was more confident of my memory, I would have said 'best ever'). we then got ourselves some Chicken manchurian and chicken hakka noodles.Now this was not the best part. Especialy the chicken pieces. We bth have had better chicken in Hyderabad House. Just as the initial impression was beginning to fade out, the Noddle Bar sprung their last surprise on us. The best and the last impression came in the form of the dessert, called 'Darsaan'. This is by far the most unique dessert I have ever tasted. It is fried dry flat noodles, tossed in honey and sesame seeds. This last impression of the restaurant was a lasting one. Me and Shveta, we both loved this dessert and so repented that the noodles and the chicken (both not so good) had not left enough space for this fantastic delicacy. Although Times food guide does not rate the Noodle Bar very well, the food, the quick service and the dessert won our hearts. Our dinner for 2 came to about 500 rupees and all of it worth the money (almost). definitely recommendable if you are not much fussy about visitng a restaurant in a crowded mall.
The times food guide looks like a neat way of picking up joints to visit on week ends. Although the city doesn't have much for the eyes, I hope once our bike comes, we can visit most of the restaurants in the guide and let our tongue do the talking :-)!!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

The right half of brain

It took me a bit of googling to figure out that it is the right half of brain that is to do with imagination and artistic ability. So far removed I am from this part of life that I don't even remember which part of brain we use for it.
I recall a conversation I had at work couple of days ago. I was making a point there, that as we are trying to get better at communication, we are getting worse at expression. We may be able to write a concise email about all the things we need to get done for a project. But we hardly know to write a letter (or say an email) to our friends recalling our good old days in school. One of my colleague was of the opinion that the younger generation is smarter and faster than we are. But smarter and faster at what? Math? Computers? Science? How many of the children have a passion today? How many of them waste hours and days at painting? or may be swimming? The younger generation is getting increasingly left-brain-centric. Very logical and calculative in thinking. But the imagination does not have wings. The emotions are calculated. Ask a kid to imagine a sky in Pink colour and be assured to see a confused face. The empathy one could have for a fellow living creature has been narrowed down to some soft corner only for friends and family.
I have a young cousin back in Goa who cried when one of the buffalo in our stable died. Stupid it may sound to anyone, she felt the pain the buffalo's calf went through. She is not exceptionally well at drawing, but she has the patience to sit and try a Rangoli. She likes to have pets at home and maintains her own patch of garden. All at the age of 12. Many children need to be given a project in school to know names of some of the common garden plants. Where does this difference come from?
In my opinion, this difference comes from the way of life that we have chosen for ourselves. If we make a list of 10 most important things in our lives today, I bet 8 of them will be 'purchasable'. Our happiness, fulfillment, accomplishment are all achievable through that extra money we always want to earn. It has been a long time since I have heard someone dedicate his entire life to something other than his job. I sincerely hope I am in the wrong circles and there is still an increasing number of people who use & develop the right side of their brain.

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

THE film to watch out for...

Naseeruddin Shah and the hidden talent called Arshad out for Ishqiya by Abhishek Choubey who assisted Vishal Bharadwaj in Onkara and other films. Here is the trailer...enjoy!!