Wednesday, February 20, 2008

A political party with a stand

I came across this full draft of a speech by Shri Adavani (leader of the opposition, Lok Sabha) which he delivered at FICCI.
As one of the comment says, the victory in Gujarat has lead to a change in the BJP. They now know for sure that development CAN be a valid issue for fighting an election and more importantly, winning it. All BJP needs now is fresh blood that can see the party do wonders for the country.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Why people break rules

This is a topic I have been thinking over for some time. It is disheartening to see that breaking rule is becoming a norm across our country. As per a recent news article that is what even the government is observing. We dont need anybody's statement to testify this as we see it all around us. This post is an attempt at understanding why the law of the land is broken?

Let us first try to understand why laws or rules are brought into place. A rule is an attempt to make the playing field level. It identifies a set of criteria based on which decisions will be taken in a system. Forming a queue is the simplest form of rule. It identifies first come first serve basis for serving a person, no parking zones are meant to be kept free for free traffic flow so on an so forth. Becauase rules are more like cartels. The member who deviates has an incentive to do so than what he would achieve by staying in the cartel. There are certain market conditions in which cartels work. I will not get into the details of what cartels are (follow the link for that).
But lets see how industry avoid or tries avoiding breaking of a cartel.
First of all and most importantly, every member can be a whistle blower. Which does not happen efficiently in case of rules or laws. Every law abiding citizen should bring to light a violation because it is more like someone is reaping the benifit of breaking a cartel and stealing a part of the common public good that a cartel pomises. Secondly the cost associated with breaking of a cartel should be very high. A part of the punishment should be that you shouldnt be taken back into the system untill you spend sufficient time outside it or pay a hefty financial penalty. For example if you are seen building an extra floor over and above the permissible limit, your construction license should be cancelled for say 5 years. The punishment should be greater than the benefit one derives out of breaking a carltel.
Why do you think this wont work?

Friday, February 08, 2008

They still divide and rule...

What the British and the Indian National Congress did for centuries together, the new age political parties are still doing the same...Divide and Rule. Only positive part is that they seem to be taking a clue from history.
Maharshtra Navanirman Sena - formed by a young politician Mr. Raj Thackrey, whose political aspirations made him come out of the shadow of his mentor and Uncle Mr. Bal Thackrey, is all out to break every skull that is not Marathi. Why? Because it has no real issues to raise. The Big T (of the Thackrey) did the same thing a few decades ago and became a major hit with the Mumbaikars. Once popular and in power, he skillfully shifted the line of divide from Marathi v/s Non- Marathi to Hindu v/s Muslim. Reason? arithmetic. Only Marathi votes can’t get ShivSena to win seats. So be more inclusive and garner hindu votes a superset of Mrathi votes.
So what’s Raj upto? Poor soul had broken away and was losing mind-space in the voters. Out of sight is out of mind. He had to do "something" to regain some media space. He referred his old notebooks and came up with a sure shot trick Uncle had taught him.
He and his men will now be arrested, he will give impressive media bytes, break the Hindu vote bank further into Marathi and non thus eating into the same cake that BJP and ShivSena already claim as theirs. Final gainer? Indian National Congress.
But, do not forget that Congress has a incurable disease. That of dissentful leaders. There is Mr. Rane who earlier broke away from the ShivSena to join INC who is right now in the dissent mood. So one can not overlook a possibility of an alliance between Mr. Rane and Raj.
Welcome to Indian politics...

Update: Read Atanu's Post and an article in Times of India by Tarun Vijay - editor of Panchjanya, a Hindi weekly brought out by the RSS.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008


I have been following this bloke eveer since I joined the IT industry couple of years ago. I admire him no only for his funny bone, but also for his ability to make his passion his profession.
Dilbert, which till now was a part of my feeds, is now an official widget on my blog. Keep visting this space for your dose of corporate humour and my banter.