Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Why Lead India wont work

All of us must be well aware of the Lead India campaign started by the Times Of India group. Yet a brief overview in their own words.
I think this is just another talent hunt program and is not going to help India politics or democracy in any way. The very reach of this program is limited to literate English speaking class of Indians. That could be hardly 10% of the total voting population. The real aam aadmi who decides the governments and hence the policies that govern us is far from basic primary education, leave alone English newspaper or television medium. As I have written in my earlier post real politics will still be nothing but manipulating numbers. As atanu says in his post here, untill basic education is given to each and every Indian citizen, it is stupid to expect rational thinking and unbiased opinion from him/her.
All that this contest will do is provide limelight to a bunch of opportunistic small time socialites, bring dinner table discussion on national television and increase the revenue of mobile companies through premium priced SMS and call services.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

A question to SRK

Found this article while surfing the www the other day. I think its a question that needs to be asked. It my sound like a party pooper to the SRK fans, but take your time and ponder over it.
Although the the writers other posts are pretty ordinary, I found this particular article quite interesting. Go on...read it.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

4 days and 23 hours to go...

The big day draws closer. The early visitors have arrived. The houses will slowly be filled and packed to their capacity. Everybody's eyes will be settled on the two people in the middle. As I write this post, it is just 4 days and 23 hours to time zero (25th November 9.31 AM IST).
Moods are changing in the dressing rooms. The preparations are fierce and the stage is all set for the big match...


काल आँफिसांतल्यांन घरी जात्ना मी कसला तरी विचार करीत होतों. तेद्वां अचानक लक्षांत आलें कि मी विचार जर भटींत करतों जाल्यार भटींत ल्हियत कशा नाय ? म्हणुन ह्येँ भटींत.
ह्या फुडें भटींत ल्हियवेशें दिसलें जाल्यार सवय असावी म्हणुन...

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

i Cycle

After having shifted to Pune, I didn't get the time to put my bike in shape again and take it out for a ride. Actually it is not so much about time as it is about motivation. There is a threshold motivation one needs to reach. When this motivation exceeds the laziness, you are game! In my case, it happened yesterday.
I walked half a kilometer, got the tires inflated, put in a nut that I had lost to transporting, got some lubricant on the drive and I was ready to go.
It was a ride with a purpose as I was going over to the Jawdekars for wedding invitation. Now I know why pune was once a city of bicycles. Once you cross over the hill of chandani chowk, it is fairly cyclable. Also the air is so chilly, you don't sweat much. It was a tough task for me although since I leave on the other side of chandani chowk. While coming back from the city chandani chowk is one hell of a uphill task. I got out of breath mid way. The air being chilly and heavy was the real problem now, as i breathed hard, i had a soaring sensation in the throat and my sinus started showing sings of coming back to life. Unfortunately for me, the elevator to my apartment is shut down after 10 pm (no idea why). So I had to climb up 5 floors. By the time I was at the door, I was seeing purple circles in darkness. I managed opening the door and crashed on the floor. As I gradually took in some liquids, I was fine.
I guess I will do this more often now to earn back the stamina.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

The oscar for dilemmas

As I was travelling from Goa to Pune in a Bus, I overheard some conversation and could see a lot of dilemma on the face of a fellow passenger. As the story evolved, I could connect with him. Thus it went:
They were a couple, he was with his fiance/wife/girlfriend (a non-ma/behen relationship). There was another girl (pretty) who wanted to a lady's seat. She could get it only if this gentleman would give up the company of his travel mate as there were no other female passengers on the bus. I have been through similar situation and have said no and felt guilty about it till the society at large did something equally unjust to me. But this incident in the bus the other day, sparked off some more such dilemmas that I have come across quite often. I thought of having a golden globe of dilemmas; put them on the blog and see which is the most common dilemma.
First being the one above, the second dilemma that comes to my mind is of cheating in exams. No No. Me cheating is taboo enough! It is someone else trying to steal an answer or two from your answer book. Do you let the person go ahead and provide him the help that he is asking? or do you let you conscience dictate his grades?
Third dilemma, I face every morning. Imagine this situation, the office bus/train is about to leave in 2 minutes, you have just over a minute to wear your shoes and collect your purse, mobile and handkerchief. The decision to be made is, do you wear yesterday's socks or run for a fresh pair? (same with the hanky). I am sick and tired of making this decision every morning. I am just waiting to get married wherein an authority will pass such judgements for me. :-)
Next one is a shopping dilemma. It pops up its head when you have gone around the world trying to find a Tee shirt you like. And then you find this one! But it is too costly. But you know, the price is negotiable. Still the salesman don't budge as much as you wished he would. Do you accept moral defeat and buy the tee? or you let your brain do the math and walk out?
I would be glad it you want to add some more dilemmas. Competition is still open and nominees may be added.
And the Oscar goes to...???

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Is it the right time to start a venture?

OK! For once a blogger is inspired instead of the readers. And I want to start a venture in product development. I have something in my mind on the lines of SaaS. I intend starting a company at my home (preferably in my garage so that success is guaranteed). But the main question is, is it the right time to start a venture?
With rising salaries in the industry, one will have to cough up a lot of money to hire good people. Although, the venture may be easily financed, break even may take a loooong time knowing the cost of recruitment in the industry today. So, wouldn't it be ideal to wait for a slow-down, may be a few lay-offs and a bit of panic in the industry. It will then be time when people will be ready to work for much lesser wages.
I may put a post on my business plan someday. But as of now, what is your opinion?

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The beginning of the beginning

In my earlier post, I spoke about the predicted downfall of Indian IT/ITES industry. The comments were on either side and one of the points that came out was the quality of India products. Be it manufacturing or services, India hasn't been spokes of much about for its quality. India Inc. has not spent significantly on R&D. In case of manufacturing, R&D requires huge investments in terms of infrastructure where as in case of IT/ITES, the investment needs to be on people along with that on infra. Now, for a better R&D in ITES, are we equipped peoplewise? To begin a massive overhauling in the outlook of the industry, where do we begin?
We begin where it all begins. Education. Let me talk a bit about education.
Do we have an education system that promotes an inquisitive mind? (a mind that will R&D!)Or are we simply creating labour, such large in number and so abundant in supply that nobody bothers about the quality .The price of this labour is bound to go down. When we boast of a large number of engineering grads. are they built (or taught) to be research fellows or to be mere labour?
We will have to start from primary education. An education system that is designed to teach kids to question and challenge. Inventions can not be expected from people who have been taught to accept things as they are. Not at least in competitive numbers. I don't totally deny the originality of our generation. But we haven't been conditioned to think like innovators. The education system that we are a product of still reads 'out of the box' as 'stupid'. Although we are capable of making path-breaking studies today, they are not sufficient to race ahead and stay there.
We will need an entire generation of Einsteins and an educational system that may not turn every kid into an Einstein, but will at least condition every mind to appreciate him.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Only the paranoids survive...hehehehehahahah!!!

What does an IT consultant do on a weekend? Discusses global economics with his friends and tries..neah gives consultant answers to 88.3% of questions of the world (you wont understand the arithmetic behind the percentage...it's too complex).
That's what I did to the best of my ability and knowledge. But my friend ( he has an MBA from the real world and no B-school crap) posed a question "How long will the tech. boom last?" and I heard it as "How long will guys like you keep receiving hyped up salaries?". That was a dream shattering question. I saw a Royal Enfield Bullet (the bike of my dreams) fading into the distance. Would I still be affording Rs. 1 Lakh for a bike, say three years down the line? Would I be flaunting proportionate income X years (which I hope is multiples of 10) down the line?
Well, my friend has a fair idea of M&As happening across the globe in BPO, KPO and ITES sectors. He also knows of emerging countries who can prove to be competitive threat to India in these sectors and he also has some number (suffixed with billion and trillion) to back up his claims. Now, being a consultant gives me the liberty to talk about stuff that I don't know. So I did just that!
The argument goes that other countries like Philippines, Indonesia, 'East European' Countries and other countries whose names start with Q, X, T etc. and whose total population (including children) is slightly more than North Goa, hold a competitive advantage over India. They are culturally more aligned to the west, some of them know French, or speak English in the right accent. And the biggest thing is, they are ready to work at cheaper rates. The differentiators being narrow and the cost advantage being huge, and the cost of switching being minimal, Indians will lose their business and Mr. Laukik Desai will pack his bags for home and g(r)o(w) bananas there.
I say "hell NO"! I can work cheaper. So can most of us. Unless, inflation makes it non-viable to earn any lesser. And the differentiators are far bigger that the ones above. After learning English, the competitors gotta outdo us in technical education. Then they gotta outdo us in experience. Indian Cos. have gained experience in various verticals over the past couple of decades. So they have quite a distance to cover. Till then consultants will find something else that the competitors can't beat.
But the question sure made me paranoid till i slept. But I am glad some one wrote a book "Only the paranoids survive!". So tension illa !!!
What says the yous???

Thursday, October 25, 2007

I got counter

I know 2 posts in a day is an overdose. But this is not really a post. Its a promotional campaign. Hit my blog as many times as possible. I got a moral booster. And may be that will get the best out of me some day. Right now all that's coming out of me is cough (eeeeeeeeeeewwww!!!)

What does it take to...

I keep wondering ... so many thoughts cross my mind every now and then. I also feel like sharing them with people. But then there is the initial hiccup of putting it in words, typing it, giving it direction and shape. but now-a-days a strange feeling overcomes me as I begin to type a post. On more than one occassion I have typed quite some content and then decided to delete it altogether.
I think I am bogged down by a limited number of visitiors to my blog. Or may be I need a 'hit counter' to keep track of hits although people may not be leaving comments behind. I will try n get one soon...
Also after having shifted to Pune a lot of thinking is happenig in Marathi. So there is an extra effort that goes into adopting it in English. May be I will start a blog in Marathi...
There is also a general lack of activity in life. I mean I have begun to think I am not quite adding value to the readers of this blog. If I was 'doing' something new/ different I could have shared with the you. There isnt much happening...
That reminds me!!!!!!!I have planned to buy a new bike for myself. Initially I was hell bent on a Bullet. But the price tag comes close to a lakh of rupees. I will prefer some thing max upto 70K. Pulsars have strated looking like toys now and their durability is a real concern. The new ones with a pointed ass look like they are made for at most 5 years. I have also heard about coplains about the digital speedos. So they will probably be my last choice. If anyone has exciting bike in mind, do let me know.
On the wedding front, preparations are on in full swing back at home. Invitation cards are ready and anytime I call home Aai/baba are busy sorting them, writing names or something like that. We had initially decided that we will post invitation to one and all. The idea was to asve time and energy and additional travelling burning of fuel and all such things for a mere invitatio. However, my uncles and relatives are all eager to distribute the invitations personally. And since a wedding is more about celebration than praticality, I and Baba sucumbed to them and the invitations shall be distributed personally to most of the people.
After I post this, i am sure I will feel like a ten more things remain to be said...and I will feel like putting another post immediately. But then to avoid having two posts on the same day, I will decide to put all those ten things in a post tomorrow and then as we all know...tomorrow never comes. "N" days down the like I will still be wondering "What does it take to be consistent?"

Friday, October 12, 2007

To .... Shopping wopping ho gayi????

For those who have been out of touch with the events in the world that are effecting everything from the sensex bull run, the Indian Cricket team's loss right upto the instability of the UPA government, I am getting married on the 25th of November 2007. So shopping should supposedly be my top priority right now. However, I have managed to wash my hands off it except for the farments which need to fit me and need my measurements. So I am off the hook for quite a few decisions and 'to do' lists.
I pitty Shveta however. She has to make choices that need to be acceptable to one and all. right from her mummy, my mummy, her sister, chacha, mama, phupha and even the shopkeeper. I think marriage is the most interesting time in a girl's life. How much ever I try to think from her perspective, I will never unerstand the way she feels. Its a mixed feeling of leaving you parents for good and feeling bad about it while at the same time feeling good about the fact that you will be spending the rest of your life with the person you love. There are apprehensions about the new family you wil be joining. And the icing on the cake is 'expectations'. My dog is the only creature who doesnt have any expectations from Shveta...not at least that I know of!!!
It is one of the two things only a woman can handle (other being motherhood). I salute all the women of the world for this ...and a 21 gun salute for Shveta.

PS: I know this post has been off mark and directionless but right now all my thoughts funnel down the same way...to wedding and what Shveta must be going through.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Neem Hakeem Khatra-e-Jaan

There is a new marking system for this play. It will be in kilometers. I cycled 15+15, 30 Kms (Chandanagar to Banjara Hills Rd. No. 8 and back) to watch this play. Dont ask me why. I just did it (and now 'feeling' it!!). So whatever Kms I give will be out of 30. That means that is the effort I would have put to watch the show, for what it was.

Overall the play gets a 17 Kms. A little below 60%, falling just short of first class.  Neem Hakeem Khatra-e-Jaan is a an adaptation of an english play The doctor despite himslef which is a translation of original French play Le Médecin malgré lui by Molière.

The play is set in Hyderabad I guess. The central character is a good for nothing drunkard, Nathulal Bankepuria who has lost his job as a compounder with a doctor. He has been in this job for 6 years. He has a wife who always troubles him or vice versa but there are always quarrels. To get back to him, his wife convinces two courtiers of a deewansaheb that he is a Hakeem . These courtiers are in search of a doctor who can cure the Deewansaheb's daughter (Sharmili) who is blabbering nonsense. The girl is actually pretending to do so because her father is not allowing her marriage to the love of her life only because he is not as rich as the other option. The courtiers are told to bash up Nathulal till he agrees that he is a hakeem. He does so out of fear and expecting a good reward on possibly curing Sharmili. On seeing the patient, Nathulal starts making up stories about some imaginary diseas. He later comes to now the reality from Sharmili's lover. He arranges their eloping by disguising the lover as his student. The end is happy as the lover's rich uncle dies and he is formally married to Sharmili.

As you can see that this play is a farce. Some of the things I personally look out for in a farce are pace, flexibility and comic timing. Scripts in farce arent so great. Actors and directors can do wonders although. In NHKeJ, they tried sincerely, as they always do.

For me, the find of this play would be George (25Kms), who plays a small role as one of the two courtiers speaking chust Hyderabadi lingo. He has impeccable comic timing. Nobody on the stage matches him. For me he even overshadowed the main protagonist. I would experiment by giving him the main role for at least a show.

Sandeep, who played the main charater of Nathulal (15Kms), is a full time actor. But comedy doesnt seem his forte. He was wild, whacky and creative. But I looked out for timing and flexibility. It was there in meager proportions. I have seen him act in Otherness of the body and in their short film Vicharon ka Achar. he did a pretty good job in those places. But he wasn't the best here.

I am sorry I forgot the character as well the actor's name, but Nathulal's wife would win my second prize (20 Kms). She has a personality and a voice to suite farce. And she used it in style.

Other roles were comparitively small and did not leave an impact on me. 

As far as adaptation is concerned Niyati did a good job for a first timer (18Kms). Some things that appealed to me were the name and the discription of the imaginary disease Sharmili has caught. WHat did not appeal to me much was that she could not give a geographical location to the play. Everyone was speaking a different language and place was not cosmopolitan. This is something that even the director/actor can imbibe into the play.

The direction was scatchy at times (18Kms). Having such young actors, one could have put their physical abilities to test. The casting was probably driven by who could give maximum time to rehersals (which I think is pretty normal considering that not all are full time actors). There was no music. Music could have added a totally new dimension to the play and could have made it more interesting.  

Response wise, comedies are always crowd pullers. Sutradhar can bank on this to produce some fine comedies and take forward the theatre revolution they are heading in Hyderabad. I hope someday lots and lots of people will cycle more than 30 Kms to watch a Sutradhar play and will be glad they did it. 

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Bombers..dimaag bech ke aaye ho kya??

Hyderabad got bombed, again yesterday. Around 40 civilians are expected dead. My Baba asked me if some militant organisation has taken responsibility. I am not sure about the organisation, but am sure it is headed by one hell of a moron. He seems to have no hint of a brain in his head.
Why then would he decide to kill Indian citizens. I am not going to argue like a socialite saying it is inhuman to kill innocent civilians. But I have a case for him. Obviosuly some one is trying to make a point to the government through these bombings. But what is the purpose of the bombings? Does he expect the citizens of India to rally behind the goverment to meet his demands? Arre bhai, we cant make the goverment do something for us, how can we make them do something for you? And if you want us to represent your demands, what are they? Who are you? Let us know each other well and then we can have a deal.
Or does he expect that the goverment will be touched, moved by these killings (although ministers claim that happens), and they will fulfill his demands. Oh come on boy!!! There are hundreds dying in this country as I type this post. Does it remotely look like our government cares for them? NO.
Then what do these bombings do other than wasting your time? Hit the nail on it's head buddy. Pick a few misters, kill some, kidnap some. Then you will be on talking terms. Then the other ministers will listen to you. Ask for a new state, nation, continent, planet. Any fucking thing you want.
You seriously need a consultant!!!!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

More on happiness

Sometime back I made a post titled "Happiness sale and other things". I got a comment from my friend Sumit on this post. It seems there are many people who are questioning their own definition of happiness. In my opinion its our entire generation. Some may come forward and agree to it. Some, choose to ignore, push it under the carpet, come to terms or simply give up.

Happiness as we all would agree is relative. What can make me happy may not make you happy. So what is the difference between you and me that makes us happy by different things. In my humble opinion, the answer is Maslow's hierarchy of needs .

A person will be happy because of an event depending on where he is in the Maslow's hierarchy of needs. A hungry person will be happy if he gets food, a jobless person will be happy to get a secured job. We need to identify our position in the pyramid and strive for what we don't have. The achievement of that will definitely make us happy.

In my opinion what we are trying to do is gather things that we have already achieved from the bottom of pyramid. For example, we have clothing, but we buy more and more of it. The marginal happiness we gain out of buying clothes has gone down substantially. The purchasing power of our generation has gone up substantially. So now, buying anything cannot make us happy any more. We have passed that portion of the pyramid.

Where we are currently, in my opinion, is the top two portions. We need to be acting on Esteem and Self-actualisation. Morality, integrity, confidence, achievement are some of the things we should be looking at. Being an ethical citizen, solving bigger problems for the society/country, striving towards a un-corrupt society are some of the things our generation should take up. This will definitely give us happiness. More than what Happiness Sale upto 50% off can give us.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

The question to loners in AC Cars

Do you ever feel guilty? We all curse the polution, we all curse the traffic congestion and we all curse the rising fuel prices. But have you ever given a thought to the fact that you are the root cause for it? Because you think it is un dignified to take public transport. Because you think you are so busy and your time is so valuable that Car Pooling is a dumb idea. A car is for four, and you are underutilising it by travelling alone.

If any of a loner in a car is reading this, I challenge them to give me 5 logical and worthy reasons that  makes one chose a car for daily commute and not share it with anyone. Remember that these are the reasons you are chosing car over pollution, health & traffic congestion.

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Happiness Sale and other things...

First thing first! I am using an unconventional way of blogging here. I am posting this feed by writing a mail to certain id and I think thats cool! :-)
This was a pretty good weekend. I was busy and relaxed on both the days in just the right proportion. Feels goooooood!
Now about Happiness Sale. Hyderabad Central, the shopping mall has a happiness sale every now and then. I went there ones, say 6 months back and bought some things I did not want. That, I think best describes what our life has come to. Our happiness is now driven by Sales, discounts and offers. A software professional couple earning more than half a lakh a month, staying away from their parents, having given up their passions and interests for a 'career' have only deals and offers to look up to. Is that all that makes us happy? Maximum stuff for less? Getting maximum 'things' for our money?
What makes you happy?



Monday, July 30, 2007

A cosmetic fuel.

Its been around a month since I started cysling to office. Not that I cycled all the 20 days. But at least 10 days out of 20 I must have cycled all my way to and fro.

Now people have started becoming a bit inquisitive about cycling. How I do it? Why I do it? I just met someone at the ATM yesterday, who was surprised that I cycle to work. Even he thought it was a good idea to cycle but gave me number of reason why he won't be able to cycle to work.

Its funny that people dont mind sweating it out in a gym on a bicycle that goes nowhere. They tell me they wouldnt mind coming to office also on a bicycle only if didnt make them look tired. So now it turns out that its not actually the comfort/effort that petrol gives you. Its more of a cosmetic fuel. Because you burn it just to look good in office. Else you wouldnt mind cycling. Funny!!!

Another commonly said reason is the road safety one. It seems our roads are not safe enough for cyclists. I am not quite sure of the statistics, but more people die on motorised vehicles than on bicycles. I am sure of that! And how do cyclists meet with accident? Not by banging into another cyclist or a pedestrian, they are hit by speeding motorcycle riders or cars. National Permit trucks are the safest road companions for various reasons like they dont speed in the city, stick to their lanes and ride mostly at night.

There is such a taboo about sweating when you come to office. Using deodarant, not using the same pair without washing and taking bath regularly ensures you never stink. But all people want is a reason to not cycle and flaunt their cars.

I have a question to all the people who travel alone in their cars...but I shall reserve it for the next post. 

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Otherness of the Mind

I attended a 4 day part time workshop organised by Sutradhar Casting Agency  .

The production at the end of this workshop was a more body based form of theatre performance. The performance was based on a selected poems of Chera Banda Raju and other revolutionary poets of Telangana. These poets triggered a social revolution merely by the content of their poems. As a result for the first time in the history, they were convicted of a conspiracy, arrested by the police and bruised both mentally and physically.

Although the content was from their poems, the underlying theme of the performace was state violenece arising out of religion, castism, poverty, arising global economy, graught or a disfuntional state. 

Through the course of the workshop, i wasnt quite sure how the production would turn out, its impact. Having come from a more vocabulary, diction, voice throw and modulation based background in acting, I was a bit apprehensive of the outcome of the workshop.

Pranab (the digdarshak-as he would like himself called), kept telling us to feel the lines in our mind. He made us remember some of the most disturbing images from our personal lives. The workshop as such was pretty tiring and ohysically bruising.

Ther performace was titled "Otherness of the body". On the day of the performance Pranab kept telling us to be confident, and use the proximity to the audience to psyche out the audience. Our motto was to break down the audience with hard hitting scenes of violence and awake the sensitive self inside each one of them. Little did i knew that there is an otherness to the mind as well. While being the medium between the poets and the audience, the victims and the audience, my job was merely to trsansfer the agony in time from past to present.

But I underestimated the impact of the subject, poetry and the form of thatre we used. In the course of the performace, every audience that smiled, or mumered, pierced my heart.  Every un-effected individual started looking like a threat to me, my family, the society and the generations to come. I might have taken all this too seriously, but the end result was that after the performance I broke down and wept like a baby. It was a bit confusing for my co-artists, but may be someday I will personally share with them some of my experiences from the past that lead to this outbreak.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Found a way

Havent been able to Manage my blog from office for quite along time owing to "restrictions".

Found this wonderful online tool to do that for me.

So, expect more. 

Saturday, June 30, 2007

Repacing my life.

Confused?? Dont be. I am just going to try something new with my life. Expectation is it wont cost me much, will make my life interesting at least for some time (months) and will probably 'repace' my life.
I dont know if this word - 'repace' has been used before; not at least in this context i guess.
I am not saying my life will be faster or slower, better or worse it will simply be not in the same pace it is now.
I am getting a feeling our entire generation is rushing through our lives. There is a hurry, to get somewhere. I am thinking of not sprinting, but taking a marathon.
This I know will come in steps. Will keep you guys posted.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Thursday, June 07, 2007


In a not so unique step to increase employee productivity, my company has blocked blogger as well as bloglines. The firefix addon is not working as well. So there has been a sudden drop in the posts and all of you in large numbers who follow my blog (hehehehe...feels good seriously), accept my apologies for not being able to initiate the series that would lead to the big day. hope i will be more regular hence forth.
As a first step in the direction I got engaged on 2nd of June 2007. I wont write much, but let me agree, it does feel different.
Take care all. Be good and do good.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

I think like intellectuals :-)

I think somewhere our thoughts meet or my thoughts are inspired by his. Read this article to know what i am saying.

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Monday, April 23, 2007

The beginning...

For those of you who don't know me or hardly know me or don't know enough about me, I am getting married...soon.

I am going to start a series of post in which I will try to do what a good blogger should. Share. Share my experiences as I go through 'the process'. The thoughts that inhibit my mind. My dilemmas, frustrations and joys. This, I hope, will be a guiding light for the 'wanna bes', a nostalogical (this is my special creation) moment for the 'been there done thats' and we all will probably end up sharing.

So keep watching this space...

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Saturday, April 14, 2007

Its not just me...its also her.

Asit bought a Bajaj Pulsar 180CC. I had a 2 km test sprint with her. She was what she was...a 180CC machine driven by a crazy road maniac. Right now I own a Bajaj Boxer 100CC city bike, so simple arithmetic for me was I could do twice the 'stuff' on this bike. But looks like bikes are like wine (or women!!!) they need to age a bit.

Asit's bike is too young to 'satisfy' me. She should be couple of 1000 kilometers old and then I will sprint her again.

She couldn't cross 70KmpH and the front was a bit wobbly. But the sprint made me realize one thing ... it's time!

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Prof. Gopal taught me costing, M etc. at GIM. Am posting some of his one liners for the aam junta. (courtesy Swastik Rath)

  • Hitler did Genetic cleansing, and today genetic cleansing of brain is done by LIC if u say that insurance is a tax
    saving mechanism.

  • U can use a low quality tube light flickering all the time. But that wont look good in a hotel. But use the same tube light in a disco with a low quality coloured paper and a choke and u can cut a great deal of costs.

  • The way this discussion is going i feel like spraying pesticide on my face coz if i do it on someone else's face then there is no guarantee that someone else will not come up with something more stupid

  • "The government ought to charge entertainment tax for my lectures..."
  • "You go to the company's website, cut paste the intro page. Then you cut paste the company's balance sheet, and the competitor's balance sheet. Then you paste finance ministers photograph. And it becomes a case study."

  • In US if a person is found guilty of cheating he is punished.
In gulf countries, his fingers might be chopped off.

In India if a person cheats he is made the
member of parliament.

  • There are three things common for a person with marketing and finance background.. .

1. Money

2. Greed

3. Ignorance

  • "Octroi is an animal which is peculiar to some states only"
  • "Concept of tax paying is not the culture in Delhi"
  • "Lifebuoy is positioned as the complete bathing soap for you, your family and your buffalo. The volume of sales dropped when people found out that they could not wash their tractors with it."
  • "Don't kill me with such statements.. ..as is it my sugar is crossing levels"
  • On the viability of 5kg soap, "For larger SKU's rub the baby against the soap rather than the other way round"

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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Uttarardha - Shanivaar dopahar 2 baje

Sunday the 1st April'07, I had been to Telugu university, Nampally. Sutradhar was staging a couple of short plays starting 7 o'clock. On Saturday when I called Vinayji for inquiry, he told me that he had read my last post . That made me feel good for two reasons; one, people read what I write and two, Sutradhar takes feedback and acts on it. Now for the plays. I would give 90 of 100 for script selection. Good stuff. Let me give my opinion on these plays one by one:

Shanivar dopahar 2 baje :

This is the tale of an illegitimate extra-marital relationship between a man (not so happily married with a daughter) and an aging spinster. They seem to have lost it on the 'family' life front and have sex every Saturday afternoon at 2. The affair has been on for last 2 years. The play is nothing but another Saturday afternoon ordeal happening in front of the audience that gives us a glimpse of their lives.

The script is well written. At least the subject appealed to me. There are some lose moments. Like the one where the man mentions the female's brother sister. I couldn't quite get what both the characters (on stage) felt for these unseen characters. I only understood that the lady wasn't quite happy with her sister and wanted her to get married ASAP. There is also this moment where the man talks about his wife sending his daughter for collecting some 'design' and the child getting lost. It was clear that the families were a trouble for the on-stage characters. But the off stage characters did not get 'established'. May be that wasn't the intention at all. But in my opinion, the off-stage characters (their respective families) are the reason for the play. They should have been more prominent.

It was also sad that some incidents drew undue laughter in the play. Like the part where they are trying to hide themselves from the people outside. I think that is the exact agony of the relationship that should hurt the audience.

For the direction - 60/100. There were some places where the only two character seemed to crowd the spot. They seemed to spend a lot of time talking while standing. I found that odd. Also, may be the director could have spoken to the writer and made the families more prominent. The funny moments should have been fewer.

The music - If I am not wrong, It was Bhimsen Joshi. It was a good choice. The volume was a little distracting. I would have loved instrumental any day.

The set - We could have have done without the lamp. It was taking up the space for nothing.

The performance - To say that Vinay Verma was good will be an understatement. He uses physical and vocal expression to the best in the group. No body at Sutradhar sounds as good as him. And he was at ease there. The lady was also impressive. Not as much although. She made her mark with the small soliloquy - a wonderfully written, directed and delivered piece of theater. But energy and voice is something that needs efforts from the lady.

This play gets a 70/100 from me.

Uttaraardh :

The story of two writers. An older writer trying to write the 2nd half (Uttaraardh) to his previously published story. And a youg writer who has also failed to deliver anything for the magazine and hence given a notice by the magazine to complete the older writer's story. The younger writer's real life is very close or rather same as the story whose Uttaraardh remains to be written. Let me brief the reader about the incomplete story under discussion.

This is the story of a young dancer who is into a relationship with both father and son. Father, for the security he can provide and the position he holds. Son, for his youth and exuberance. But when the father and son come to know about this triangle, they decide to put an end to it.

Ratan tells the oldie, that since he is a part of the actual story, he can help him complete the story and thus write the Uttaraardh. But the story shall unfold in a role play where Ratan plays the father and oldie plays the son.

The dancer is to bring to glasses of sharbat with poison in one. No one other than her knows which glass is poisoned. Both would accept the glass and hence the decision would be known without saying and the alternative wuld be eliminated. However, the father knows that the girl will chose him. So he swaps the glass with his son's, to save his son. But the son sees it and swaps the glass back, thinking that his father is very mean and wants to save himself. Thus the son dies. The father can not bear the trauma and becomes hysterical.

While doing the role play, real poison is used which kills the oldie. The glass swapping incident is the incident that has changed the life of Ratan as his mother stays faithful to the hysterical father and ruins her life. When Ratan receives notice from the magazine, he intends killing himself but wants to relive the moment that the glass swapping incident was. He himself goes mad after the old writer is dead.

Well I tried but the story is really confusing. We could not get it till we spoke to the translators and I am still not sure I have got it right. Vinayji if you are reading this, correct me if I am wrong. Again, a great script. Hats off to the script selection.

Also, the direction was wonderful. The director tried to do full justice to the script and characters. There was pace, there were points that looked stressed like the climax under the red spot, or the first time oldie loses bearing in role play. It looked director's cut.

The music - I did not notice anything except the sound of thunder.

The lights - good use of yellow cross lighting and white generals to demarcate the two stories (like I have used colour above :-) ). But there were black spots in the centrestage. Also the characters in the first play were sitting in the centrestage hence the lights were adjusted for them. The second play used the same spotlights without readjustment. The actors were also taller. So the bodies were illuminated more than the faces. The set was good.

The performances - Feroze, the young lad impressed me. He looked real and at ease on stage. But what I thought was his strength, turned out to be his weakness when I saw the entire play. I would blame him for my not understanding the story. The character did not build up to the hysteria. When the oldie died Ratan looked more sad than hysterical. I couldn't quite get it. The senior actor was stiff. His dialogue delivery had a Marathi accent. Some words could not be understood. He made his character look very dramatical. There was also some problem in both artist's standing posture. While Feroze stooped and looked casual in his stance, it also hindered his expression, as light came from top. The elder gentleman did not 'face' the audience most of the time. We got to see his profile more than once. On a lighter note, both the actors could have been mixed together and we could have two fine actors in equal proportion.

Thats what is "my opinion" on the two plays. You differ? You agree? Put a comment.

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Thursday, March 29, 2007


I thought I knew everything about it. And I thought there would be economic reasons behind India reaching semi-finals (thats what I had predicted). My opinion was that there were MNCs who had invested in the Indian Cricket team and on promotion and advertising in the World Cup '07 and there cola and telecom giants would 'make sure' India played till the time their marketing departments wanted it to.

I now think the game is not so bad after all. India might have lost, but I am glad, the game has won.

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Thursday, March 15, 2007

Fashionably confused

Its fashionable to be confused in our generation. Its like cloths. Everyone wants to wear the Dhoom2 range, and Pepe is selling it. The entire generation wants to follow people with no ideology. Its hep to be confused and our film industry is selling it. There are scores of Indian mainstream Films that portray the central character playing a son of a rich father clueless of what he wants from life and falling in love as a major pass-time.

Let me say what I mean more clearly (lest you confuse yourself). If I have an ideology ( a thought process) that says that certain people are wrong in what they do, I run the risk of being treated as an extremist with an added classification as a Hindu extremist, Muslim extremist etc. A large chunk of my generation has no opinion on matters of politics, national security, policy matters or agricultural reforms. rather than going into the depths, these issues are dealt on some blanket statements like "Politics is a dirty game", "Politicians are bloody chors", "Humanity" etc.

How many in my generation have an opinion on the Godhra incidence? It is more easily brushed off as a humanitarian issue. Not at least people around me.

I am under a threat of being converted into an insensitive citizen.

Is ideology dead?

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Saturday, February 24, 2007

Serious about humour.

I have been known for my humour ( in both bad as well as good ways). I have hurt quite a people because of my humour, demeaned myself and many such things have happened. But what hurts me most that people think humour is easy. "Its easy to just say something stupid enough". Trust me, it's not. Over the years I have learned a lot of what humour can do to situations, relationships, meetings, speeches in both positive and negative ways. This piece of writing is dedicated to a serious thought to humour and going into the technicalities. Let me first try and take the reader (that is you...) through all the types of Humour that i know of:

  • Sarcasm: *

    noun [U]

    use of remarks which clearly mean the opposite of what they say, and
    which are made in order to hurt someone's feelings or to criticize
    something in an amusing way.
You look at me and you say "Looks like your are really sweating it out in the gym" Thats sarcasm. Can be effectively used in meetings, with colleagues to mean other than what you say. I prefer the way where your audience is also hearing what you are saying (which is not actually funny) but laugh when they "get" what you "want" to say. DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME.

  • Satire:*

    noun [C or U]

    a way of criticizing people or ideas in a humorous way, or a piece of writing or play which uses this style.
Yes! Mostly used in plays/films. You could call George Orwell's 'Animal farm', 'Yes Minister' on BBC as Satire. I dont generally criticize people. Ideas, I do and yup thats satire from me (very rarely although).

  • Black Humour:*

    noun [U]

    an amusing way of looking at or treating something that is serious or sad.
Not my forte. But some people are really good at it. I saw this Marathi play that was based on death and the rituals that follow. Superb black comedy. I try my hand unsuccessfully sometimes but people frown ..."thoda bhi seriousness nahi hei bande mein"

*dictionary meaning courtesy http://dictionary.cambridge.org

Other than these I have some types of my own. They may be defined at other places but I haven't bothered searching.

  • Self deprecating humour: Now you are talking! This I can do and do in style. But this is risky game I have come to learn. people stop taking you seriously. People dumber than you think they are far superior than you just because they have never heard any one praising you. They know you as the butt of all jokes (that you yourself crack). You kinda start losing respect in other's eyes. You gotta perform so damn good in your work that you may be deprecated ONLY BY YOU. I have burnt my hands, but old habits die hard.
  • Regional humour: This is only if you know your audience well enough. These are something like jokes on sardarji, mallu, bengoli. Not everyone appreciates it. Don't crack such jokes in office or at work place unless you are sure that there is no one of the community or from that region in the audience or you are absolutely sure of the group's sense of humour.
  • Humour in uniform: These are jokes related to certain professions. Doctors, lawyers, accountants, Army Men, etc. Be cautious with this as well. Since these are related to a person's profession, it may show in the service you are getting. Army men generally take it in the right spirit and lawyers are the most dangerous lot.
  • Humour in relationship: Kids jokes, Grandpa/Granny jokes, husband/wife or marriage based jokes or even circumstantial humour based on these people. This is cool humour. Have hardly seen anyone mind it!
  • Humour@work: Best at workplace. The butt of the joke could be your boss, colleague, secretary, your organisation's performance, policies. Best thing about this type is that everyone appreciates it and can relate to it. Please avoid the theme of the joke to be ethnicity of any of the above 'butts' if you want to have a good working environment. Don't even bother to put this humour to work with your friends. They know nothing of your work, they wont be laughing at the joke, but at you.
There are further classifications in my mind about the delivery of humour as well. It could be enactment, mimicry, straight faced narration and narration with expressions. The timing and delivery make or break a humourous moment/story. I can confidently deliver all sorts of presentations but not all types of humours.

This has been a really serious post I guess (and I mean no sarcasm..)

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Monday, February 19, 2007

Who can replace the Big B

In KBC that is..."Who could have done a good job?" .( I love the way I have framed this question...it also says a lot about my take on the current KBC host).

For my favourite alternative had been considered it seems...check out the link.

I would go with the chota B everywhere there is unavailability of the Big B. Not only because he is the son of Amitabh Bacchan, but because he has a personality of a cool, humourous and chilled out bloke. He would have to compete although on doing a good job with some people. Here is my list:

  • Javed Jafferi (humour+voice+i love him in takeshi's castle)
  • Harsha Bhogle (has a good vocab+very approachable personality ..more than the current host trying to portray himself)
  • Madhuri Dixit Nene (for the same reason as the Big B...thoda jyada ho gaya nahi?..but take it with a pinch of salt)
  • Kay Kay Menon (I dont know why...my gut feeling)
My big time No Nos:

  • All Khans
  • Anyone from Karan Johar film
  • Anyone from the "K" Serial
  • Rekha...hehehe

By the way...I think even Syrus (Bakra wala) would have done a wonderful job.

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Thursday, February 08, 2007

Short sightedness with disasters

I thought I would be called an optimist for being shortsighted about disasters. But I guess its an important quality in good managers. They always sense what can go wrong in a project.

My mind now a days is dwindling on a big road less plateau. There are people who can always tell you what is going wrong, without knowing what is the right thing to do. How good is such a person? He will tell you everything that can go wrong before you are all charged up to take the big leap of faith. I absolutely agree that you should be taking a informed decision, knowing all the cons especially.

I would like to be such a person, who always knows whats wrong. But unfortunately, I haven't been bought up that way. I only give my opinion, and if there isn't any better solution I can give, I am game for an experiment.

But there is merit, when someone says "Its better not doing something than doing it wrongly and messing up further". May be its more to do with whether you are a thinker or a doer.

What do you think is the right thing to do?

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Friday, February 02, 2007

Display in the Brain

reality electromagnetic data storage transfer conversion into display see/hear electronic impulses brain decipher feel store

What happens when we watch a video from a website or on the television? What is the end to end process? Lets take a visual experience as an example.

There is something happening. The light that is bounced off the objects is stored as electromagnetic data. This data is then converted into digital form and transfered through the internet or television signals. The display device at our end converts this data into a visual experience, the light from this display device is then converted into electronic impulses by our eyes (retina or some part like that). These impulses then travel to some part of brain which deciphers it for us to feel and store.

To reduce the loss while converting from electromagnetic to digital, we have developed a technology for recording video in digital format. Why cant we record video in the same format as the one in which eyes do it? The cycle will then be something like:

reality transmit the brain decipher store

Reducing hand offs in this manner may help us enjoy experience beyond our current understanding. This can also be used in audio.

May be there is someone who has already worked it out and is reading this (hopefully) and smiling. Or may be I am the first one.

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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

1st Death Anniversary

Couple of days back Prajakta's first death anniversary was celebrated in Ponda (Goa). There were song and dance performances through-out the day. She loved to be there and performing at such programs. She must have been there this time around too...

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Monday, January 15, 2007

Not getting anywhere

I am having this feeling I am not getting anywhere professionally or personally.
I havent worked hard for anything repeat anything for quite along time now. Sucks!

Pay to vote

I couldn't do it the next day. Sorry for that! Well the Question was who should have the right to vote?

My answer is, "One who pays the taxes". If I am paying tax to the Government, which the representatives of "The People" are going to spend, then I should be "The People". Only those who pay have the right to decide how and who should spend it. If I don't have my money at stake and if I am so poor, illiterate and dumb that I have lost the power to think, I would rather take some money and vote for Ravan's Step Brother.

Lets try a different approach. Allow me to paint two scenarios:

Scene 1- There are two folks who say that they will give you a Ferrari for free if you vote for them. Remember you have limited knowledge about both of them. They are going to buy the Ferrari from someone else's money. May be they will take some 500 million from that "someone else" for the Ferrari and keep some for themselves. What would you do?

Now what complicates the matter is one of them is ready to offer you 5000 rupees upfront along with the Ferrari that he will give you later. So here is where you care a rat's ass. Because in either case you are at least getting 5000 bucks. So why the hell would you care?

Scene 2- You gotta pay 5000 rupees for a Ferrari. Either of these guys will be selling a Ferrari to you for as little as that. Remember you are paying 5000 rupees of your hard earned money. Wont you have your own criteria of trusting a guy? Won't you try and put at least some logical thought into voting for either? Reason? STAKES.

What actually happens is I think and vote but there are very few people like me. There are millions of others who don't think before voting. A part of what I pay, goes to bribe these poor fellows for a vote. And the elected dude gets to keep the Ferrari.

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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

The right to vote

Why are sensible policies rare in our country?

The reason seems interesting to me. Who makes policies in this country? The Elected Representatives in the Parliament. How does one get elected as a representative of the people? Here comes the interesting stuff. I need to have majority of people voting for me. Now (suppose), I as a person, have the character of Ravan's step brother, morals as strong as a Parthiv Patel's batting. Who do you think will vote for me? Some dumb uneducated guy who has lost the power to think and whom I can bribe to vote for me. Now, I (having the character we assumed) would love to have more and more such people around me. So that I can be a Representative of the People of my country.

That is easy if I can manage to to keep maximum people as dumb uneducated citizens who have lost the power to think and whom I can bribe to vote for me. So that is exactly what I do when I come in power to ensure my victory in the next election. I make policies that will keep poor at my mercy, deprive them of education, keep their minds occupied with paltry issues like a female entering a temple or the more public holidays on other religion's festivals etc. So that they don't think when it comes to voting. The aim is to make a vote cheaper and cheaper. I have to make people so poor that I can buy myself a vote even at a rupee.

Since I anyway have the law enforcement system at my hand along with some additional moral police to help me, I can take care of the educated sensible lots who talk about rubbish like freedom of expression, individuality and other bullshit.

So the big question is who should have the right to vote then? ...Tomorrow

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Monday, January 08, 2007

Jaago Grahak Jaago

As I start my tax planning on the 11th hour, I keep wondering why I am doing this. Not the planning part, but the paying part. Why should I pay the Government of India? I don't pay any one just like that, for nothing! After all I am not the GOI. The Government can pay people because they are poor (probably because they are lazy, un-innovative or simply dumb), or because someone's husband/son picked up fight with another community and got killed in that.

And The Government is going to pay all these morons from my money that I pay as Income Tax. While the one who has paid, gets back traffic congestion, power cuts, terrorist threats and much more. While I should get my money's worth, somebody else is getting something he hasn't even made an effort for.

When I pay someone for some benefits/services he offers me in return, I am the consumer of his services. By this logic, can I sue the Govt. of India for misusing my tax?

I, as a tax payer should have the right to decide how my tax should be utilized. After providing me with some basic services, like water, electricity, roads, security etc. the Govt. may utilize the rest for the "benefit of the poor". Can such a system evolve? Arre yaaar. A new system in India needs to go through the democratic process. That means...will write about that tomorrow.

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Thursday, January 04, 2007

Saddam is not dead

That's what I think! (before you wonder how you missed that news or rush to the nearest TV set or think of reporting this to the media)

I think he should not be disposed off. Because a dictator who has ruled an entire country, knows a lot that everyone would like to know. Now for the info to be worthwhile you will need to know what it could be. I have some ideas. The gentleman can educate the world on:

  • How to screw up Iran
  • How to be a good dictator
  • How to hide in rabbit holes
  • How to hide money effectively
The list may go on but for my lack of information, imagination and eradication of the source of this information. That is exactly the point I want to make. Had Saddam lived, he could be well utilised.

The idea is like why my Mom keeps boxes and gift wrapping papers from the gifts we receive. Because she thinks that they may be useful sometimes later. And they do (very rarely although). And then I face the "See!!" expression.

If nothing else. Some publishing house could buy Saddamji, torture him till he told his biography, published it and made millions!

I mean you just don't dispose of stuff! My mom never taught me that!

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