Wednesday, July 26, 2006

|| Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh ||

What we are today is a function of our environment through our past. Our parents, teachers, relatives, neighbours are our key influencers. One such influencer in my life and in the life of millions in this country is Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh or the RSS. This organization established in 1925 has a very interesting history. Established with a aim of nation building, the initiative had no trace of fundamentalism in it. Started with a clear cut nationalistic view, and on time tested values of ‘simple living-high thinking’, the organization spread like a wild fire. Then happened, what was destined to, for an organization that was all-inclusive, had no political representation or was based on non-sensational issues (like religion, cast or region).

What RSS is today (or is perceived to be) is certainly not what it was (or is) meant to be. I, as an individual, strongly believe in the RSS, its motives, its structure and its values. I feel being a part of the Sangha and consider myself a Swayamsevak. I attended shakha regularly for 10 years till I was in 10th standard. Education and logistical constraints made me irregular, and yours truly being a pivotal point of the shakha in my village, the shakha in Savoi-Verem gradually died. I later actively worked for ABVP (the so-called student wing of the RSS). Later as I ceased to be a student (academically, not philosophically) my active participation stopped. I no longer attend a shakha, yet I am a Swayamsevak. I feel a part of the RSS. And when one believes in an organization, a system, a set of values, one has the right to say what’s right & wrong for the system. I may be wrong, immature, short sighted or simply stupid but in this post I attempt to answer the question ‘What ails the Sangha?’

Did it start with the BJP? Or did it start with the BJP coming to power? Or with the 1993 Mumbai riots? Or did the Babari demolition start it? I don’t know. What a majority of India once considered as a sane and constructive minded organization, was slowly being perceived as a group of Hindu fundamentalists and fanatics. All the commitment and work that the Sangha put in through the Vanavasi Kalyan Ashram and numerous such initiatives, was wiped away in no time. Thousands of swayamsevaks rushed to the effected villages during floods and earthquakes in Latur or Bhuj. No swayamsevak got and media attention (why?), the effort, the good deeds, the helping hands were proclaimed to be of the individual. The Sangh was given no credit. The system, the organizational effort behind all these contributions has been systematically neglected. What happened in Mumbai in 1992 is totally condemnable. Godhra is the work of monsters. But this is not accounted to individuals , this is what the RSS does. Hell no!!!

I think RSS should stop interefering in matters of BJP. No comments about BJP whould be made by individuals on behalf of the Sangha. The perception of a political, religious, castist bondage associated with the RSS needs to be abolished. There may be many such thoughts going on in many minds.

It is time now. People who believe in the ideology of RSS, or people who think that the RSS ideology comes closest to theirs, start coming together. If there needs to be a shift in the modus-operandi of the Sangha, it should be now. The basic concepts of Hinduism, the social work of the RSS being seen in the light of conversion, the ‘they are coming to rule you’ image needs to be overhauled. I, as a swayamsevak, deny any such allegation. If proved, I will fight against such a motive of the Sangha. If any other Swayamsevak is trying to hijack/misrepresent the ideology of the entire organization, I shall object to it. Because I still feel, I belong here…

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

The space behind My Place

There is a new township developing behind my apartment. Amidst new construction, rubble, concrete, steel and artificial structures, I found this small flower growing. The purity of it's colours attracted my attention amidst broken tiles and scrap. Just felt like capturing it.
I wish I could show you the BG without diverting your attention off the subject. But that wont be here is the best I could get for you.


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After zillions of visits to ameerpet, lots of "sorry saaar"s, kind help from a forum friend-Rohit, spending petrol enough to take a space ship to jupiter (and check out Sabu's babe there), I GOT MY NEGATIVES SCANNED IN HYDERABAD.
Now the "aam junta" of this country will get to see some "what the hell in the world is that!!!" snaps from me.

Monday, July 17, 2006

Show time

After coming to Hyd, (Hyderabad of yester years, became Cyberabad after IT came itHyd if u wanna sound kool). I have been feeling movie thirsty. Having spent more than a year at a fart's smell distance from a Theatre in Matunga and having seen films like U Bomsi n Me it pains to travel 30 odd Kms and pay more than 100 bucks to watch a movie (I never paid more than INR 70 to watch a movie at Auroras Matunga).

But last few day have been better. In the last 4 days, I have managed 2 latest films. Corporate and Golmaal. I liked both of them.

CORPORATE: This is film is a typical Madhur Bhandarkar dark film. Shows the manipulations and unethical practices in the corporate world. Not that we dont know such things happen, but only that it shows them. Madhur has built up expectations after Chandani Baar & Satta (i have deliberately missed out Page 3). Corporate is 70% of the expectations. However if you compare it with the Roshan or Johar films, its 70% better. For all those who have seen the film, aren't you guys impressed with the talent of the guy who has played the CM? Well, he is Vinay Apte. One of Marathi's finest actor and director. I could (and will) write another post on how Marathi Theatre produces some fine artists.
A dozen of us from my work went to watch the film and while half of us hated it, I am one of them who liked it.

GOLMAAL ...FUN UNLIMITED: Hilllllaaaaaaarious, except for a few minutes in the second half. Times have changed and actors like Ajay Devgan, who would wish to be the only HERO in a film are now accepting roles with younger actors. This is a story of 4 college dropouts who end up at a blind, old couple's palatial house when in search of a shelter from a goon. The couple mistakes them for their grandson, whom they are expecting to return from Amrikaa. To add spice, they have Sharman's body and Ajay's voice as their grandson. What happens next is worth a watch.
Vishal & Shekhar produce wonderful sound and all the songs are hummable.

Dont miss both the movies and keep your eyes wide open for Omkara.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Closest experience of the Black tuesday

Bloody bastards did it again!
A friend of mine from the Photograohy Forum Shinu Thomas in his blog describes how he was miraculously saved. He was in the train in which the first blast happened at Matunga station and the first class compaterment in which the blast occured was his regular compartment...

There I go...again

This change was inevitable. As I read more and more blogs, I wanted to imbibe those features and kool looks into my blog as well. Also, the urge to blog regularly despite constraints (yeah sure!!) was getting stronger. so here I am, shifting from my earlier blog to this new advanced version. the title suggests, this is about Whatever. Whatever that happens to me or around me. Whatever I think. Whatver I do. Whatever I feel. Just Whatever...
But the blog name is ...why? Because (ummmmmm ...scratching head) its kinda toungue twister. If you keep telling people about my blog, you may endup having a sexy flexi tongue.

So, Keep checking this space!!